What did we learn on the blog over the last five years, Niko?

Happy birthday to us!

On Saturday morning I made some tweets, inspired by yet another tweet I saw. “Remember when all pop was throwaway and ‘indie’ was better than anything else?” I pondered. “Now, there’s such a thing as ‘indie pop’, and even the ‘bad’ pop is now getting cool kid cred. So, you know, it’s all fluid. But we want to be icy cool. Icy cool to the point of frozen.”

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On Christina Grimmie and the connections musicians make

Christina Grimmie performing at the Alabang Town Center on 4 October 2014. Photograph courtesy of Mika Ayson.

I have not had much interest in Christina Grimmie. She joined The Voice at the time when I stopped watching singing competitions altogether: she finished third in its 2014 season, by which time I was very much done with writing about television for a living.

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