Drea’s things, part eight: This Century

“Beach Blonde” by This Century | This Century was just in Manila this weekend: they had two concerts on Sunday and Monday nights, and Drea was in both on Sunday’s. She actually invited me to watch (“they’re free!” she went) but I was busy on both days, and also, I have never heard of them. So how were the gigs? I asked Drea for a sentence: “This Century are the nicest human beings on earth. The concert was so simple and intimate but it will definitely leave a mark to anyone who was there. It’s there first headliner tour in the Philippines. Okay, that’s more than a sentence.” Yep, Drea, more than a sentence. “Beach Blonde”, which I’m posting now, is a very chilled, summer-y track, and not because of the title: I blame Joel Kanitz’s croon. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)