The five (Japanese) songs Tim & Puma Mimi can’t live without

Tim & Puma Mimi released their latest album, Der Die Das, last Friday.

The Five Songs Tim & Puma Mimi Can't Live WithoutWe were feeling adventurous, so, we figured, why not get a foreign act for The Five Songs I Can’t Live Without? We thoroughly enjoyed Swiss-Japanese duo Tim & Puma Mimi’s new album, Der Die Das, which dropped last Friday (and which we wrote about exactly a week ago), so when the opportunity came to get them involved in this thing, we said yes. On this installment they talk about the five Japanese songs (see, there’s a theme, even) they can’t live without – and which has clearly informed their music.

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「夢見る僕の サンデイガール。」

“Dupi Dough” by Tim & Puma Mimi | This one’s interesting. Tim & Puma Mimi are an electronica duo from Switzerland. Before you say “them Swiss again!” – yes, those are Japanese lyrics. Tim, the Swiss guy, does the music. Puma is Japanese, and writes the lyrics in her native language. There’s a lot of world-bending on their music – there’s a mention of Johannesburg on their bio and there is a cucumber on their live sets and they do “Skype concerts” when both can’t be in the same place at the same time – and that shows: it’s really trippy, but not the confusing kind. It’s fun, and, yes, to hell with the language barrier. “Dupi Dough” – originally created for an animated series – is the lead single from their new album Der Die Das, which drops this Friday, and there my usual caveats for enjoying the album – namely, I should be able to make some sense of it – go out the window. It’s a fun little thing. Playful, sometimes coy, often attempting to be a bit naughty, sometimes pushing through with it. It’s a trip. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)