“You’re never alone in the world.”

“Orphan” by Toto | Adrian is back to recommend… a Toto song. A new Toto song. I didn’t know they were still doing something, but again, that’s an understandable mistake to make: all we hear is “99” and the rest of their classic repertoire. He actually sent me two songs, both off their latest record, XIV. The first, “Holy War”, it’s the usual driving rock you’d expect from these guys, but this, “Orphan”, sounds quite different. There’s a bounce here that I’ll call modern, for lack of a better term. The line-up may have changed but the musicality remains the same. Sure, you’ll still hold a candle to the classics, but if you’re looking for something newer, this’ll do. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)