The inventory: Six acts we think would fit in Wanderland

I’ll have to admit one thing: this year’s Wanderland line-up felt underwhelming. But then again, such is a risk a music festival takes, more so those of an indie persuasion, because “indie” means everything and nothing at the same time. But tomorrow the festival returns with a line-up led by the Drums, and also includes Architecture in Helsinki, Lucy Rose and the Paper Kites. Tomorrow we’ll see the cool kids show off again (if they could, because DSLRs are not allowed anymore). And tomorrow the rest of us will wonder if next year will have acts that we like. Well, we think we have cracked the formula for a Wanderland act – and we suggest six acts that would do fit nicely with the festival. And no, this is not us being critical or something.

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“I’ve got no love to give and no message at all.”

“Leeway” by We Were Evergreen | We Were Evergreen are based in London, but I haven’t heard much of them on British radio. (Early morning Radio 1, it turns out, a place I never really got around to frequenting for some reason.) I did hear them last Friday on French radio – FIP, of course, specifically, a testament and it seemed to the fact that they are, as it turns out, French – fit perfectly with the very gloomy weather we had then. You could call We Were Evergreen a bit twee – I get a bit of a Belle and Sebastian vibe from them – but that doesn’t quite cut it. It’s a bit folky, a bit dance-y, and actually quite fun. A cross between Paris and London (via Glasgow, perhaps, or Reykjavík?) you miht say. Also, Fabienne, she on the xylophone in this song, well, yes, there goes another cute one. Then again, the French connection…