“…then again, it might just be me.”

“Everyday” by Weyes Blood | It’s starting to pop up, those albums from artists I’d just discovered and would be interested in reviewing, if not for the fact that I’m likely to forget them, or in this case, I won’t be around to review them anymore. And yes, I know that I am, once again, late to Weyes Blood; the artist otherwise known as Natalie Mering has released three albums, and this Friday she’ll release her fourth, Titanic Rising, her first under Sub Pop. But, yes, I’ll focus on this one song I heard on the radio yesterday, and particularly how it lets its whole 70s vibe just creep in, how it ultimately feels like a sing-along shorn of chronological context. In other words, it’s a pretty timeless tune. Already? Yes, sure, why not? [NB]