The five songs Wish 107.5’s Princess Leigh can’t live without

Princess Leigh hosted mornings on Wish 107.5 from its launch until September 2016.

The Five Songs Wish 107.5's Princess Leigh Can't Live WithoutThis is the second installment of The Five Songs I Can’t Live Without, where we ask people (of interest) about, well, the five songs they can’t live without. This one had some extraordinary timing going for it: the day we considering inviting Wish 107.5 DJ Princess Leigh is the very day she was doing her last show on the station. (In case you’re wondering, she’s the one enthusing about the NBA season when we live-blogged the station two years ago.) Yes, the station plays classic hits most of the time, but you’d see her enthuse about local indie acts too, especially if you follow her on Twitter. A perfect fit, we thought, so we asked her as she wrapped up her last show – and now we the five songs (the former?) Princess Leigh can’t live without.

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Live blog: A day listening to 107.5 Wish FM

[Live blog now up and running after the cut.] Just last May, we spent a whole day listening to 107.5 Win Radio, the masa station that replaced NU 107, flag-waver of Philippine alternative music. A shift from a “classy” format to a “trashy” format would inevitably get some people bemoaning the death of local radio, but we thought the station had potential… if only they got off their asses. Last August, however, things changed. UNTV (who originally ran NU, but is now better known for its TV channel showing lots of news and Ang Dating Daan) took full control of the frequency, forcing Win to effectively merge with its sister station Big Radio on 91.5. Now, 107.5 is home to Wish FM, which isn’t “trashy”… but nope, it is not an alternative radio station. We spend a whole day listening to a radio station that “grants your wishes”, whatever that means nowadays. [NB]

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