“In space, we’re here a million miles away.”

Rainy Martini's Uke Week“The Moon Song” by Karen O featuring Ezra Koenig | I’ll be brave enough to say that I had a uke before it was cool…er. I had always found it cool. My relatives used to buy me some when they get back from Cebu, although my mom prefers the banduria. I’m the only proper musician in my family though. I reunited with them strings half a year ago and got this glittery pink soprano baby. I must admit I only bought it because it’s cute and photogenic. Now I kinda wish I got the usual brown pieces made from quality wood like acacia or something. But mine still sounds decent. Anyway. I got carried away. On to Karen O. I’ve never seen Her, but I discovered the song through fellow ukulele enthusiasts (they’re usually beginners; I considered myself a beginner too, but not anymore) who wanted to learn finger picking. Or a lovely song to play. “The Moon Song” is very verrry pleasant, what with Karen O’s breathy falsetto, and in my opinion, it’s a must-learn if you’re a ukulele player too. [SY]

earthings! Fantasy Festival, part five: the Faraday stage

earthings! Fantasy Festival: the Faraday stage

If we’re disappointed with the acts coming to the Philippines, then why don’t we make our own music festival? It doesn’t have to really happen – it can all be in our heads. And thus, the earthings! Fantasy Festival was born. Today, Niko Batallones writes about the five acts he wants to see live, and an unexpected theme that ties them all in: dancing.

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earthings! 2013: My ten favorites of the year

earthings! 2013

Well, that time of the year again, so let’s do what everybody else does and make a yearend list of the best of the year, shall we? But then again, we’re not really a legitimate music blog, so we’re just going small-term by talking about us, us, us. Like last year, this is by no means a representative list of the best music of the past year: these are all, really, my favorite tracks. But it has been an interesting year in music. The girls came out; the dance floor got quiet and merged with hip-hop; and guitar music is, well, still not quite back… but not all that gets a mention. Again, sorted in alphabetical order, my favorites: ten songs that you should soak in while we take a two-week break. We’ll be back on 6 January, unless, of course, surprise gigs get in the way, much like last year. [NB]

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“Oh despair, you’ve always been there.”

“Despair” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Because there’s such a big deal about the fact that they shot the music video for this one, in part, at the Empire State Building. Hey, I don’t mind. This is one of the highlights off Mosquito, and this video – directed by Patrick Daughters – plays well with the song’s whole triumphant feel. Also, it’s quite New York-y. But then again, it is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. To quote Tig Notaro, “no question.”

Review: Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Mosquito by Yeah Yeah YeahsThe Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of those bands that people will automatically seem to like no matter what they do – and that makes writing this review a little difficult. No, I’m not saying Mosquito, the New York trio’s fourth release, is a terrible one. It’s just a bit more uneven than I want. Their last release, It’s Blitz!, also had the same problems, but that had the urge to groove as a common thread, something that’s not very present here. You have the bombastic sound of “Sacrilege” followed by Karen O’s almost murmuring on “Subway”. Not that they are bad songs, but they don’t seem to work together. It is, as they promised, a more stripped down album – even the dancier bits, like “Buried Alive”, sounds more organic – but it could do a little more shaking together. Karen’s swagger could have done the trick, but after one listen you feel wanting more. | 3/5