Review: Chapters by Yuna

Chapters by YunaThe album’s title says it all: Chapters, the fourth album from Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna, is a turn of the page, an attempt to try something new. After years of focusing squarely on the winsome sort of indie-folk that has endeared her to the flat white crowd, she shifts gears, pursuing a more R&B-grounded sound, the sort that muddles the 90s with the now. Well, that was inevitable: her voiced suited that, and her songs after the release of her international breakthrough Nocturnal suggested such a direction. It does take some getting used to, but that’s down to how versatile Yuna turns out to be. Genre change aside, there will be a point when you notice its her – although you will have to strain if you mix it with similar songs from other artists – and the result is an interesting pop record that rewards repeat listens. [NB]4/5

“I wanna go wherever you wanna go.”

“I Wanna Go” by Yuna | Apparently Anna‘s been trying to tweet me with recommendations, only to find out that she’s been tweeting the wrong Twitter handle all this time. Okay. Now that’s done with, here’s an artist she’s getting into: Malaysian indie popstress Yuna, law student turned little-known darling of the American pop scene… although you’ve likely heard of this remix, or of that song with Owl City (more on him later this week), or that song Gilles Peterson’s put on Grand Theft Auto V (I really should get down to the song choices on that game). She’s a bit of a chameleon: I’ve listened to a few songs and she sounds at ease with both the pop-for-young-moms school, the MySpace-songwriter school and the chilled-blue-room school. I have to say that’s impressive. And then the girlfriend tells me that she prefers Zee Avi over her… that I have to write about tomorrow. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)