“…but you know I love you too much.”

“Simple Science” by Zero 7 | British electronica duo Zero 7 are back and, if you’re expecting something chilled, you might be disappointed. To be fair to the guys, it’s been thirteen years since Simple Things, and they’ve been moving away from a strictly chilled sound – their last studio album, 2009’s Yeah Ghost, was less Balearic and more Bristolian. Their new single, “Simple Science”, still has that Zero 7 DNA though – there’s just this quality that makes it unmistakably them. This time, though, it’s got a dance-y vibe, not dissimilar to what Röyksopp has done before, so – and I’m flicking through YouTube comments here – why yearn stubbornly for another Simple Things? Clearly things are not as simple as that anymore. [NB]