This essay is about Taylor Swift and I am afraid to write it

Taylor Swift is our queen and we are incredibly lucky to be alive at the same time as her.

Tomorrow, Taylor Swift drops the first single from her upcoming album, Reputation. If this is the first time you’ve heard of it, then lucky you.

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The inventory: Five underrated Coldplay songs (at least according to Niko)

Coldplay performs, finally, in Manila on 5 April.

Tomorrow, the dream of many a music fan will be realized: Coldplay is performing in Manila. Well, the dream of many a music fan with enough money to fork out. Others will have to settle for a marathon of their music, crying over clandestine videos, proclaiming “post-concert depression” like the rest. Even others would just shrug. And then there’s me, doing this list, a token mention of what is an inescapable reality for many months. Coldplay’s got many hits, but some of their songs would fall under the cracks because they’re just such juggernauts. So, my list of five underrated Coldplay songs – according to me, at least. You will have a different list. Or you’ll be crying.

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What did we learn on the blog over the last five years, Niko?

Happy birthday to us!

On Saturday morning I made some tweets, inspired by yet another tweet I saw. “Remember when all pop was throwaway and ‘indie’ was better than anything else?” I pondered. “Now, there’s such a thing as ‘indie pop’, and even the ‘bad’ pop is now getting cool kid cred. So, you know, it’s all fluid. But we want to be icy cool. Icy cool to the point of frozen.”

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