“Et si tu veux de moi…”

“Golden Baby” by Cœur de Pirate | Meet Béatrice Martin. She’s from Montreal, she sings in French (which shouldn’t be a surprise, since she’s from Montreal), and she just celebrated her birthday early this week. Happy birthday, Béatrice! You’re cute, and I’m sure you know that. Also, we’re of the same age. Anyway, I’ve been listening to French radio station RTL2 far too much lately, and I’ve been hearing this song, and intrigued by the retro-gooey intro, I proceeded to hunt it down without any clue as to who it is, more so any understanding of French. Her voice is also retro-gooey, if that made-up adjective even makes sense. Also, she… just gave birth this month, so… forget I got flirty at the beginning. Love the song.

2 thoughts on ““Et si tu veux de moi…”

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