Anglophile in New York #5: Last night, Jean said…

The Strokes at their first concert in five years, at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY on 31 May.

Anglophile in New YorkEmbarrassingly enough, I had no idea who the Strokes really were when I first heard of them. An older friend of mine told me I needed to go to Maxwell’s in Hoboken with her to check out this awesome new band. This was back in May 2001, before Is This It was released. Back in those days, I was already a fan of the Swedish rock bands like the Hives and International Noise Conspiracy and just getting into the new type of Modern Lovers-style rock-and-roll.

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Anglophile in New York #4: “We’re gonna create a fuck chain!”

No, Jeany would like to make it clear that she would not sleep with Andrew.

Anglophile in New YorkA typical week in my social life, part three: today is the end of March and I feel like I’ve gone out quite a bit this past week. These days, I’m still working contract jobs for startups either from home or elsewhere from anywhere between six to eleven hours a day. After the day’s work is done, I often love to unwind and do the things I love by going to gigs and eating some good food.

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Anglophile in New York #3: The things I’d lose if I moved to London

Two nights, two events, and all for free!

Anglophile in New YorkIt’s St. Patrick’s Day in New York City and there are a ton of Irish people on my block, absolutely wasted. I also happen to live on one of the busiest commercial streets in NYC, with three Irish bars all within a hundred feet. That might have something to do with the noise outside.

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Anglophile in New York #2: It’s all in New York, Alexa Chung included

Drowners frontman Matthew Hitt performs at Berlin at the East Village in Manhattan.

Anglophile in New YorkThe date is March 9th and I had a really hard choice to make. I had to choose between seeing Hinds at Bowery Ballroom, or Drowners at Berlin, a bar in the East Village. Since I saw the former at the Palisades in January, I decided to skip them this time around. I haven’t seen Drowners in quite some time and I just had to hear their new music. The weather was unusually nice tonight; it was 76F and I just rode my bike there. This was a good idea.

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