“Let’s get back where we began.”

“Glad It’s Over” by Wilco | All right, so the sentiments of this song don’t exactly apply, but I heard this over the weekend – a weekend I tried to sleep through because, you know, work, lots of work, over the last week. Thursday night I was just blank, tired but awake due to the copious amounts of caffeine I drank to survive. Well, time to decompress. Fingers crossed I do decompress. We will be back to regular programming tomorrow… I think. I have lots in the inbox to run after, and no assistants. [NB]


“You’re just the latest in the long list of lost loves, love.”

“Protest Song” by Broken Social Scene | Whatever today is supposed to be – and whatever we’re supposed to lose from this day forward – this is a good song, a highlight from Broken Social Scene’s new record. “7/4 (Shoreline)” levels, perhaps. It keeps on going, and going, and going, and boom – there goes your existence, all to validate their feelings of emptiness. [NB]

“I don’t want to spend the whole of my life indoors.”

“The Next Storm” by Frank Turner | Applicable this morning because, as I write this, the front of my house is flooded (although the rains have stopped, somewhat, and the drainage system is doing its work, albeit slowly) and I am getting back to this song. This one’s always been a nice cathartic beast – happy yet pretty loaded – and I am happy to have this back on rotation. Now, if the rain would stop and the flood would go down, I really would have the sunshine thing Frank talks about here. [NB]