Things without words #26: Soundtracking the prelude to the big fight

“Flake” by Egopusher | The band is called Egopusher: they’re a duo – Tobias Preisig and Alessandro Giannelli – halfway between Berlin and Zurich. Yes, it’s another one of those weird things from that side of the world that I get from the inbox. But this one’s fun, and surprisingly, quite accessible. On Friday they’re dropping a new album, Blood Red, filled with instrumental tracks that don’t feel out of place in a film sequence where the Good Guy prepares for the Prelude to the Big Fight – you know, the one he inevitably loses, only to get better at the end. It’s not fast-paced – in fact, it takes its time, all the tracks – and almost always ends in a nice build at the end, when things swoosh in and the Good Guy realizes he has the formula. Well, of course he doesn’t, so he tries again. Blood Red is an album of just that: attempts, feelings of euphoria, and a constant quest for improvement, with a hint of failure nestled in between. It’s an interesting record. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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