“…and now the whole world’s watching you.”

“Everybody Knows” by Kimbra | I knew Kimbra would be staging a return, having gotten wind of her album announcement – Primal Heart drops next year, way too late for my parents to get me a copy while in Melbourne. But then I’ve been busy, so I haven’t really had a chance to listen to first single “Everybody Knows” until this weekend, when the music video dropped. This is the minimal Kimbra I didn’t know I wanted, I first thought, pretty much forgetting how she’s done this sound before – although, of course, this generation’s dance-y flourishes are there. I was entranced until I saw her do that face, that look of glee which I remember so well from the “Come Into My Head” video, and much later, when I watched her live – one of the best concerts I’ve seen, I’ll say, but that’s me being a fan. I missed you, Kimbra. Don’t stay out that long. [NB]


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