(Almost) everything we’ve ever written about is now in one Spotify playlist!

Forgive the clickbait-y headline, but in the very off chance you’ve wanted to listen to every song we’ve written about on this blog as it was not exactly meant to be done, we’ve got news for you: we’ve compiled every single song we’ve written about on the blog for the past seven years into one Spotify playlist.

Okay, there are caveats. Not every song is on Spotify. (With regrets, this includes almost all of the Japanese stuff we’ve written about.) We didn’t put in the albums we reviewed. Still, we ended up with 1,872 songs – that’s roughly 122 hours of music that you can listen to if you don’t feel like picking through your queue. You get tunes curated (ahem) by the earthings! team, as well as a bunch of others, like the folks who took part in our Five Songs feature, or Andy Worsey’s selections for his World Cup of Music feature last year.

Be warned, though, it can get really random. I was listening to this for the past few hours, and I completely forgot that I’ve written about one Russian song, which played after this song, and before one of the songs here. But – and perhaps it’s because most of the song picks here hew to my music tastes – this playlist sounds surprisingly consistent. It feels like a radio station. I suggest you shuffle the whole thing and just sit back. Or, you can play it in order and start from our very first post in 2012. And then switch playlists when you’re annoyed.

If you’re ready, here’s a link to the playlist, or click play on the embed below. We’ll update this one last time tomorrow with our last ever song. [NB]




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