“…but they don’t know you like I know you.”

“The Hardest” by Brandy Butler and the Brokenhearted | Another Swiss artist, but this one traces her origins to Pennsylvania, which explains the more familiar sound, if not that timbre to her voice. Brandy Butler is now based in Zurich, having found her way to Europe after deciding to take a break from the local Philly music scene, and now she’s based there, with a family, and a new album. I’ve had the chance to listen to The Inventory of Goodbye (which drops this Friday) and it’s a good spread, making the most of those powerhouse pipes from straightforward soul belters to something more reminiscent of Portishead. And since that’s what caught my attention, that’s what I’m posting here. Is this a track premiere? I’m not really sure. But “The Hardest” captures that best: you get that warm, familiar sound, but at the same time you’re not sure where she’s going. Again, this drops Friday. Also, note to self: I should start listening to Couleur 3 again. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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