“Since I met you, I found the world so new.”

“Since I Left You” by the Avalanches | I waited so long – much longer than this blog’s existence – to be able to write about this song. Now I’m writing about this because, as it turns out, Sally Seltmann is married to Darren Seltmann, co-founder of Aussie electro group the Avalanches. (He only left a couple of months back.) It’s been almost fourteen years since the release of their debut, Since I Left You, a record made entirely of samples repurposed to create weird pop tunes (in the case of “Frontier Psychiatrist”) or summery ones, like this one. This is perhaps their most defining song: a sunshine-filled track about the aftermath of a break-up, despite the chorus being taken from a 1960s obscurity about the beginnings of a relationship. (The lyric I quoted up there is from the original.) It’s just, you know, happy. And sad. And happy. And sad. And sadder, when you watch the music video, perhaps one of the best music videos ever – I can’t help but hold back the tears when I watch the joy preceding metaphorical (or physical) death. It’s been too long since that debut. Come on, boys. You’ve been working on your follow-up for seven years now. [NB]


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