“…itong paglalakbay ay makakarating din sa paroroonan.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Paglisan” by Color It Red | While reading up on Color It Red I cam across an article that compared them to Fleetwood Mac. That’s apt, I thought. If anything, this band – they’re just as old as I am, a good 29 years – have been fluid in their sound, proving they’re adept at earnest songs like “Paglisan” as well as gripping alternative stuff that defined their earlier work. It is all buoyed, of course, by the voice of Cooky Chua, expressive, firm, evocative. For most of us this remains their only hit: although the band did see mainstream success, things just did not seem to pick up right after – although they remain active, gigging whenever they can, even releasing an album in 2014. Cooky herself remains an active performer on television, that presence carrying through even if it’s mostly for the nostalgia factor. (Even if “Paglisan” has been used for morbid purposes, more often than not.) But we shouldn’t dispense with these guys. Like Fleetwood Mac, they will be back, and maybe one day we’ll all notice the way we did before. [NB]