The five songs Shy Shy Shy can’t live without

Shy Shy Shy is Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldegaard, a duo from Denmark who have subverted our expectations of Scandinavian indie pop with a synth-powered mix of awkwardness and confidence. We’ve been writing about them for the past three years or so, across which we’ve seen them push their boundaries while keeping that sense of fun. This Friday they release their debut full-length, Make Up, and to make the occasion we’ve dusted off this feature and asked them about the five songs they can’t live without. It’s not entirely synth-powered.

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“Would you stay if she promised you heaven?”

“Rhiannon” by Bethany Cosentino | So there’s a Fleetwood Mac tribute album coming out. I automatically look for the “Rhiannon” cover and find that Bethany Cosentino is doing it. I then find out that, for some reason, the hipsters have deemed it cool to slate her cover harshly, like she worked with Hitler or something. Sure, it’s not that good a cover – perhaps it’s because of the too-cheerful piano – but it’s not like she slaughtered it or something. (The album version sounds better.) Although, yes, there are better covers of the song. Ahem, another chance to mention Haley Reinhart, ahem…