“Que sont devenues toutes tes idoles?”

“Ex-fan des sixties” by Jane Birkin | Now, a classic French song that I was planning to write about for a few weeks now. Jane Birkin, of course, was les amour of the French pop luminary Serge Gainsbourg – they did this song, after all – but the pair’s collaboration went way beyond 1969’s “Je t’aime… moi non plus”. “Ex-fan des sixties”, mostly a roll call of the legends of the era, punctuated by the longing in Jane’s sweet voice, was released in 1978, alongside the album of the same name. Serge would take part in six of Jane’s albums, some released after they separated in 1980, and she was already in a relationship with film director Jacques Doillon. As for this song, well, it fits on a Friday where you’re likely laying back already, because you took the day off, because yesterday was a holiday and tomorrow is the weekend and Monday is another holiday. [NB]


“Love me here. Love me more.”

“The Runner” by Airling | Making waves in Australia is Hannah Shepherd, also known as Airling. I mean, just listen to this. “The Runner” is her second single, but it’s impressing a bunch of folks now: Triple J picked her to kick off Splendour in the Grass a few weeks back (which is how I first heard her) and now I’m listening to this and it’s just so slinky and sexy. The Brisbane-based singer is dreamy but not too much – although I am facing, again, the difficulty in deciphering lyrics for this blog entry – which should be perfect for those who want to sit back without lying down. It’s just good. [NB]


“Can I be close to you?”

“Bloom” by the Paper Kites | I know, I know. I missed their local performance here. We couldn’t find anyone I could go with to Wanderland so I missed them. I mean, I wouldn’t mind going alone since I’m kinda used to that. But going to the theater (movie or not) alone is apparently different, way different from watching someone perform live. I would need friends I’d squeal with, and I didn’t want to fangirl by myself. I learned about “Bloom” when I was looking for any band that has the word “lacy” on their name around late 2011. Lacy happened to be well, Lacy’s name. And the rest is history. Apparently. [RM]


“Heartbreakers gonna break and fakers gonna fake.”

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift | Rainy and I were just talking about her this morning: Taylor Swift’s ditching the guitar and taking on the horns. “She’s going pop pop,” as she put it, and I’m half torn and half interested. Say what you want about Taylor and her love life and her dear-diary songwriting (still in full force here) but she’s done a lot to keep the whole singer-songwriter thing afloat. Now she’s taking on another top 40 subgenre, the pop soul that Amy Winehouse started, and later refined (or diluted, depends on who you ask) by many artists: lately that bunch includes Ed Sheeran and Pixie Lott. Well, yes, it sounds interesting. But it all feels weird. Maybe it’s because I have yet to get used to it. Maybe I have to listen to the rest of her upcoming album, 1989. (We’re born on the same year? I feel pointless now.) But – and I told Rainy this today – she lacks the sass to pull it off. “She’s too whiny,” she said, but we’d love to be proven wrong. Bring on the new album. [NB]


“그래도 사랑이라 말하는 너만 믿었어.”

“Hate You” by Ladies’ Code | I’m not sure if they meant to creep people out by using dolls (some are really awesome brands of BJD) on their MV, because it’s not working for me. The editing is bad, and it could have been creepier, it could have been darker. Instead they throw in effects that look amateur and does nothing but remind of the old-fashioned glitter graphics for MySpace that either say “I’m emo” or some other darker quote. Not fancy. I’m not much of a music video viewer but I somehow find myself watching the video teaser of “Kiss Kiss” and thought it was hilarious. Genius. The actual MV was a bit disappointing though. Sana teaser na lang siya forever. Still, Ladies’ Code delivered for me. The whole offering of “Hate You” just works for me. The guitar, the vocals, the verses. What, you don’t understand a word their saying!? I don’t think you’re the only ome though, unless you studied a bit of Korean like me, or are Korean like… like, the Ladies’ Code members. [RM]


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