“The more you try denying, the more you fan the flames.”

“Not This Time” by the 2 Bears | Yep, that’s the number, not the word. I’m OC when it comes to this, but there you go. This is another nice slice of groove, from the second album from the British duo, comprised of producer Raf Rundell and Joe Goddard, best known for his work with Hot Chip. It’s classy and smooth, inevitably helped by that irresistible intro that reminds me of glittering disco balls not slathered with the worst of the genre’s cheese. Like yacht rock mixed in with the usual modern twist. I’ll just say I love this. [NB]


“Puwede ba akong sumama mula gabi hanggang umaga?”

“Halikana” by Maja Salvador featuring Abra | Yep. Another song that’s been making the rounds on the masa stations, a song that I otherwise wouldn’t hear if I didn’t bounce on to one of them. (In this case, it’s Natural 97.9, who’s shifted towards top 40 and a focus on English… are they in flux again?) Anyway, this song is surprisingly pleasant. I was stuck in a bit of stop light-induced traffic and realized the bass was bumping. Had some good 90s vibes with this one, too. So, yes, in this case, it’s a triumph of production – the song does get repetitive after a while, and Maja’s voice was serviceable – and it’s something that really kicks the song up a notch. Again, 90s vibes. Janet Jackson, anyone? [NB]

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“These things are fathomlessly out of our hands.”

“When You Walk In The Room” by Fyfe Dangerfield | I wish I was writing about this song because Drew Barrymore mentioned it a few years back, but no. I heard this song again, on my iPod, a week ago, just as I was thinking of my flight to Singapore. (I arrived last night.) It clicked, because I missed people, missed so hard, in fact. It clicked. [NB]


Review: rose ave. by You+Me

rose ave. by You+MeThe folksy collaboration between Dallas Green – currently of City and Colour, formerly of Alexisonfire – and P!nk is surprisingly satisfying. There’s a respectful chemistry (I use that term to differentiate it from the usual definition of “chemistry”) between the two musicians, who have been friends for years and have long sought to perform together. The groove – of P!nk coming in strong, but not to the point of overwhelming Dallas’ quiet, husky tones – is established from the first track, and doesn’t fade out despite rose ave.‘s tendency to turn to the same tricks. It is not a one-track album, though: it is not sleepy by a long shot. There’s a whomp that grabs you, and keeps you, and that makes You+Me’s first release one worth taking a look at. [NB]4/5

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“If I walk far enough, maybe I would find…”

“Good Night, Green Light” by .gif | “What a cute name,” I thought, when early this year Lush 99.5 had Singaporean artist Weish as their artist of the month. (You’d agree if you see this video of her being interviewed by a dog.) She’s half, alongside production guy Din, of trip-hop duo .gif (as in the file extension), whose sounds are deep and entrancing and dirty without being fuzzy. I’ve been thinking this blog entry through for a few days now: we’ll be on a week-long break, while I fly (again) to Singapore for a day job training thing, so I have to write about an artist from perhaps my favorite country (that I have been to, and there are only a few). Good timing, as they are performing on the Singapore leg of the Laneway Festival this January, so, yeah, why not them? They’re quite good anyway. If you scored tickets, go see them. Otherwise, head to their Bandcamp page, where you can download the Saudade EP (where this song came from) and their single “Juvenile” on a pay-as-you-may basis. As for me, I’ll see you in a week or so. [NB]


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