“I do believe in you.”

“Tenné” by Blisses B | I’m in the middle of another recommend backlog, sadly, so let’s get to work, yes? Here’s one from Noah Libby, one of the guys behind Blisses B, inevitably pimping, well, Blisses B. The San Francisco band released their third record, Sea Level Astronomy, a month ago, and it’s a clash of bluesy straightforward rock and more quirky, world-sy indie pop. Surprisingly, it all works – well, once you get past the initial whiplash – and as the record went on it all made sense, and the clash became an advantage rather than a handicap. I’m highlighting “Tenné”, firmly on the bluesy side, but with little touches here and there that result in a jumpy, sprightly record. Yes, it all does make sense. Get the album now through their Bandcamp page. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


“You’ll never wait so long.”

“Here Comes Your Man” by Meaghan Smith | I’m pretty sure I heard this on Jam 88.3 on Sundays. Or maybe for a plug for Jam 88.3’s program on Sundays. I’m definitely sure I heard this a long time ago. A cover for (500) Days of Summer, as it turns out: a film I watched once, felt nothing for, and completely forgot about after my plane landed in Manila. I found this through my friend Kizia, after we were discussing Meghan Trainor; for some reason she mixed her up with Meaghan Smith, and it led to this quirky cover of a Pixies classic from a Canadian indie popster. Best part, perhaps, was that random male back-up harmony at the beginning. Everything else, well, I might forget about it soon, although judging from the intro to this entry, evidently not. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


“Maybe this confession will grab your attention.”

“Maybe We’d Be On To Something” by Rizza Cabrera | “I watched her once,” Rainy told me once. But of course she has. She’s the YouTube traipse-er and I’m, err, more passive when it comes to these things. (Also, we’re five years apart; there’s a generational shift right there.) Anyway, the second artist I’ve long been meaning to write about. Can I just say that I love the verve in Rizza’s voice. There’s… something. It’s arresting. I saw her perform this song live and it’s a crowd favorite – again, I am way behind on these things – and I can see why. It’s fresh. It’s not an original thought, but it’s done in a different way. And, again, that verve. The video doesn’t quite do it justice, so, you know, if she shows up somewhere, go. [NB]


“Where were you when I was king in this part of town?”

“The Party Line” by Belle and Sebastian | I call a trend. Stars did this in their latest album, and now Belle and Sebastian are doing it: indie pop bands going disco. Okay, it’s nothing really new, if you think about it, but it does lead to some interesting sounds from bands who usually specialize in – sorry – weepy music. (I’m not confused, by the way. Let’s be clear: I like this.) This, by the way, is the first taste of Belle and Sebastian’s upcoming album, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, coming out in mid-January next year. I guess the club is in the album name. [NB]


“Careful what you say next.”

“Sounds” by Seed Bunye | Today’s write-up, and tomorrow’s, is a month delayed. By now you know the story. I watched Seed perform a few weeks ago. I, for some reason, gathered up what’s left of my excuse for blogger strength and asked for her Soundcloud account. I was supposed to do it in Singapore, during the week-long break – a buffer for when I get back – but it didn’t materialize. Now, here I am, catching up on my writing. There are a few songs on her Soundcloud page, and this is the one song I’m sure is an original. Recording’s lo-fi and a bit scratchy, but it tells you all you need to know: it’s intimate and a bit quirky and feels-worthy. Also, I think I could do a better blog entry than this. Sorry, Seed. [NB]


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